Our Partners

The Project Crimson Trust was a founding partner of Living Legends and managed the planting projects. Project Crimson is a leading conservation organisation which has been operating since 1990, working with community groups to protect and renew New Zealand’s pohutukawa and rata trees.

The Tindall Foundation was also a founding partner of Living Legends. In 1995, Stephen and Margaret Tindall established The Tindall Foundation, with a vision to play a supportive role in the philanthropic sector in New Zealand. As well as the fantastic work that The Tindall Foundation do to assist families and communities to help themselves they also have a focus on caring for our environment and preserving biodiversity. Trustees and staff of The Tindall Foundation saw for themselves the tremendous contributions and commitment from the Living Legends, organisers and volunteers when they attended some of the planting events around the country. Most pleasing for The Tindall Foundation were the enthusiasm for planting demonstrated by the many keen people that turned up (even in some very challenging weather!) and the carnival family atmosphere which spread across several generations.

The Department of Conservation (DOC) has a leading role in conservation activity that contributes to people’s well-being and prosperity. Their work with others all over the country means New Zealanders and international visitors alike, benefit from and enjoy our native wildlife, special natural areas and historic places. DOC’s commitment to enhancing what makes New Zealand unique and encouraging others to join in is an ideal fit for Living Legends. DOC helped us select appropriate public spaces for Living Legends plantings to ensure that all New Zealanders can enjoy them for years to come.

Meridian Energy sponsored Living Legends as an extra special way to help create a better energy future for New Zealand. Meridian invests in developing and generating electricity solely from renewable resources, like wind and water, minimizing their impact on the environment and helping meet the Government’s renewable energy target.

Upcoming Events

The Living Legends Events are now all completed.


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